Ning on May, 4, 2010: Um tiro no pé ou uma grande jogada de pôker?

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On May 4, 2010
Ning e o dia 4 de Maio de 2010
I have a dream!

Interligation mys ning networks in one ning networks. But this is imposible. Maybe transformrs my networks in groups of my master network

I'm wich various options for my outhers networks, but I desire permmanent in ning network, in specialy my Brasil Poesias Network: I have who will can permmanent in Ning.

Only if must price expansive I don't can my ning network on line.

I have a dream who you and your Ning Team can work with ours and sucess garanted.

Lustato Tenterrara

And networks experimentals:

ou à nossa rede social Brasil Poesias

referente a: Ning Blog (ver no Google Sidewiki)

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